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There are a number of things a consumer is expected to do when they are in need of goods and services. The major one involves the initial pre purchase research. It helps the consumers not only discover great products and services while also allowing them to compare and contrast various providers. Apart from this, pre purchase research also helps the consumer avoid making buying mistakes.

In the past, a lot of the information the consumer needed to buy goods and services was contained in the consumer report magazine. The magazine reported to consumers about great products, brands and services. It also published reviews, ratings, and comparisons consumers needed to make decisions.

Today, consumers exist in interesting times. Nearly everything they need is available online. All they need to access them is to conduct a background search. But there are a number of industries where information a consumer can use to make a decision is scarce. Student consumers face the dilemma when trying to buy custom essays online.

What students need to do

There are very few review services for essay writing companies out there. With the inadequate information supplied to the student, it is becoming very important for them to count on third parties for the information custom essay writing companies might not be willing to share because of their privacy policies.

Why reviews are crucial

There are basically millions of custom essay writing companies out there. While some of them are good, many aren’t. It is becoming for the consumers to take some time to check out what other parties such as have to say about their favorite custom essay writing companies before they can spend their money.

Apart from giving them viable suggestions, this website is also becoming important to the consumer in the sense that it shares recommendations, tips and other information they might need to hire competent custom essay writing service providers.

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How it works

There are very many custom essay writing companies out there. The first thing we do to share information about them is to seek for the feedback of some of their customers. We allow them to rate these companies after which we are able to list some of the student favorites.

In addition to the student reviews, we also ask some of our experts to investigate every essay writing company. They create a summary review which describes the essay writing company completely in a way that those in the pre purchase research can benefit.